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Toyota Space Cruiser, recent restoration and brand new conversion.

Toyota Space Cruiser, recent restoration and brand new conversion. Price:
Toyota Space Cruiser
Bigger picture shown below  STRICTLY NO CANVASSERS!

I introduce my second Toyota Space Cruiser Camper conversion, designed to revolutionize your camping experience.

I have enjoyed renovating the vehicle over a period of about a year and a half. I have removed and replaced all corroded body work and wax oiled both inside and outside all vulnerable body sections including underneath the vehicle.

I have partly reconditioned the engine including: the cleaning of the inside of the engine, the renewal of all valve seals, the resurfacing of the valves and valve beds, the renewal of the exhaust gasket and the head gasket. The pistons, bores and main bearings did not need to be replaced or reground.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle uses a timing chain instead of a cam belt which does not need the regular checking that a cam belt does. The reason that I have enjoyed working on this car is that I can work on it! There's no computer controlling the engine or complicated injection system that requires specialized equipment to diagnose problems. I have been able to restore and service the vehicle with traditional workshop equipment, myself. I would also mention that it is economical to run and because of it’s age it is inexpensive to insure. I currently pay about £20 a month, with Firebond, which isn’t bad.

Unlike some of the older VW vans, this has power steering so it drives like a car. I really enjoy the handling and the ride. I also like the extra height on the road. When the top box is removed it will go under all the height restrictions imposed by super markets and multi story car parks.

I avoided using a VW style kitchen surface for two key reasons. I have been able to increase the size of the bed and the sense of spaciousness in the van. Secondly the interior space is far more convenient for use as a transporter.

The seat folds flat with a single action and the seat cushions fit across 80% of the interior space to create an extremely comfortable bed. The cushions are made out of 4inch foam so bottoming out is never a problem.

When the cushions are removed the van can be used to move furniture, take rubbish to the tip or whatever else you need to move around. When the seat is flat the fitted furniture sits about one foot above the van floor, leaving plenty of space for loads of all kinds.

The van is currently fitted with seat belts for three people, including the driver. There is the potential to seat a further passenger. I can provide the necessary seat belts if that is required. The van is a two birth but with the front seats moved forward it would be possible to sleep a small child. Some padding would be necessary to make this work.

I have finished (varnished etc.) the interior to a high standard. Unlike the plastic surfaces used in modern campers, this can easily be sanded down and touched up if the interior starts to look worn or knocked.

Van Specification

Toyota Space Cruiser, 1986 model F, 2.0L, Automatic, white with brown interior. Taxed until 5/2/08. MOT until 31/1/08.


• Power steering.
• Push button central locking.
• Electric windows.
• Halfords, Exodus top box.
• Two Halfords cycle racks.
• Thule roof bars.
• Two sun roofs including a large moon roof which slides right back.
• Curtains are fitted all round for complete privacy.
• Sony FM/AM CD player CDX-GT50W with DAB radio. With remote control and fully graphic display which shows moving images etc.
• 12v leisure battery. This has a safety trip switch which can also be used to conveniently turn off the whole 12v circuit including the lights, while standing outside the van.
• Leisure battery charger. Will charge the leisure battery automatically on hook up. I have a installed a convenient switch with a light to show that the battery is being charged. You can turn off the charge circuit easily while standing outside the van.
• Three 12v 20w spotlights, individually

Toyota Space Cruiser, recent restoration and brand new conversion. Click on an image to enlarge

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